27 years in the business


Expertise in specialty equipment


Helicopter / Russian Arm / Cablecam


I created my company XD motion to provide my clients the best expertise in aerial and movements with gyro stabilized shoots. I am Camera Operator specialized in aerial shooting in order to stay in close contact with my customers and updated on the latest technologies on the field. Handling both  vision as CEO and technician gives me a remarkable combination artistic/marketing mind that is very much appreciated by directors, DOP, Production Managers. With this comprehensive vision, I can set up a solid business plan to the point and avoid any technical mistake. My experience – being both in the Film and TV industry – gives me a deep knowledge of the market to conquer while being particularly tuned to customers’ needs. After shooting aerials helicopter, Russian Arm, Cablecam, X fly, X track, Blimps, Drones for Thousand of hours,  my expertise support the vision of the of the projects. I am operating all the latest Gyro-stabilized heads as GSS, Super G, Stab C  Compact, Cineflex, Elite, Shotover, Flight Head series,  and  I would recommend the best system for the shots to achieve in movements from air to ground.

Today any penny invested by a company must generate a return – this is the case through an

efficient management together with a staff both motivated and trained. The relationship with the various international partners as well as with the parent company must be continuing and constructive, however the service offer has to be adapted to the market to explore. My financial analysis remains focused on the reality of the market and risks are calculated together with my team and partners.
XD motion is built around this philosophy.
After training my technical crew on those unique and prestigious systems, I already obtained all the safety procedures with the European safety control offices (Veritas/Tuff).
My vision of success is to give my customers the right offer consistent with their budget-lines. Thanks to my expertise and experience, I am able to offer them the system that is best suited to their needs.
Contrary to a mere sales strategy based on giving discounts, this  marketing strategy protects our margin profits.
If you are confident you do have the best systems in the world, you can negotiate with your customers to pay for the best service/results.
My personal objective was to get the most prestigious customers in our industry. I did it in 20 years starting

from the French market.
My objective is to stay leader worldwide with a full crew trained (production and technical staff).
I manage international business for the most prestigious movies, commercial and TV sports events. Innovation & expertise are the key words driving my business.
With my US, Asian and EU partners, I manage to keep the profit and high development of our technology in permanent cooperation.
I also organize our attending on famous exhibitions around the world (NAB, BSC, AFC, CINEC, IBC) to present our latest innovations and increase our company’s awareness.
Any new project in Europe is part of my marketing process. Challenge boosts my motivation. Every year we write a new business plan with planned goals including performance. Each of my contracts is totally clear in terms of profit and margin before the final deal is made. No risk taking without knowledge of the financial impact. I train my crew to always have the brand name of XD motion put at the forefront of every business at every level of the company. We are a team growing the company value. Nothing individual is the spirit, all together is the key of success.



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